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gentlemanturtle submitted:
All the attendees at What Is Loaf - the first national Nerdfighter gathering in Australia. Not a single one forgot to be awesome. ^_^


Dear John Green,
WHAT IS LOAF 2013 was as impressive as it looks and more!
You should come next year. Just sayin’.
Regards, every single Australian Nerdfighter.

UPDATE FOR WHAT IS LOAF 2013! - Tickets, event details and shirts~

When: Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of January
Where: We’ll be basing things in the southern end of Hyde Park in Sydney.
What: Friday is going to be a day saved for the usual fun that is a Nerdfighter gathering, where everyone will have the chance to meet an awesome bunch of people from across the country.

Saturday has been set aside for an epic scavenger hunt, and more details will come out about this closer to the date! Saturday night we are going to be holding an all-ages Nerdfighter party at the NSW Leagues’ Club. Early bird prices will be at $30 until 7 December, after which time the price will be at $40. Included in this ticket: access to the venue, finger food, an awesome sound and light setup with a DJ, and all sorts of super happy fun times!

Shirts: Also available for purchase is a WHAT IS LOAF 2013 t-shirt! For pre-order only before the 21st of December, the shirts will cost $15 each and will be available for pick-up any time over the weekend (so don’t think you need to be at the party to get a shirt!).

HOW?!?: Tickets and shirts can both be purchased at http://whatisloaf2013.eventbee.com/ from 7pm AEST tonight!

The team has been working very hard to reach this point, so we’re proud of what we have coming your way, and we hope to see you in January!

The Gingerbread Team OUT!

More than 100 of you loafley Biscuits have confirmed your attendance.

THIS IS FANTASTIC! But come on, we can do better. Our goal is to have at least 200 Biscuits at the inaugural What Is Loaf? !
Help us reach our goal! Grab a friend and RSVP to head on down to Sydney come January 2013.

It’s just one of those days…


“That’s a wrap!” said the angry director who asked for a pita

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Anonymous asked: Who runs whatisloaf? Because they're lovely.

…I am a mysterious entity~

Of course, I couldn’t be so mysterious without the team. PROPS TO THE GINGERBREAD PEOPLE!

seanpilgrim-deactivated20130524 asked: Why are you guys so awesome?

I’d say it would have something to do with that. Also, it’s because we Doughnut Forget To Be Awesome, which really helps.




what if someone was attractive but not attractive enough to be called hot

can I call them toasty

im calling people toasty from now on ok

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It’s finally here!

All of us here in the Gingerbread-Team are proud to present
“WHAT IS LOAF 2013”;
Australia’s first ever national Nerdfighter gathering!

We’ve been working hard on this over the past month and a bit, and we’re really excited to finally show it off to you guys!

Things are still in their early stages, but we’ve got venues, events, ticketing and more in the works! Stay tuned in to whatisloaf.com to keep up with the latest info. You’ll be able to find more information about the event in our About and FAQ pages - But for now, here’s a quick summary…

  • Friday 11th and January 12th, 2013.
  • Sydney, Australia.
  • Awesome.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Until next time,
Gingerbread-Team out!